Hoooooo  allha please help me …
Today ob colg I saw hitesh and he really wants kill me  if he see my face I thi think he really will kill me .
And konul told hitesh … she is here
I swear when I saw kaunl and kanad  I say yes if the are here means hitesh here and my heart paining me because hitesh . He doesn’t knw I crying because him every day for him only for him

Im still in love

I cant stop thinking about him .
I dont knw what I have do with myself .!!?
How I can kill this love ?
Why I love him ?
Im still love him
What I can do for myself  ? Really dont knw ..
I wish if he can knw about this  account .
Abd stop do like that for my … it soo difficult for me …

That girl … she is badc

Today … at 10pm .
We went ti see movie. It was boom 3 its Indian movie its very nice .but someone she doesn’t want us be happy … she doesn’t like India at all .. so we she still study here if u tell why u are here she will say its not on my hands …. she is funny girl however she goes out when she nws its Indian movie … the movie it doesn’t start yet … OMG she us really funny girl .   And soiii bad .. 
Byeee good night sweet dreams from where I dint knw just sweet dreams


I dony believe him … he kill me heart … why he still think about me . If he really want me he ill do the Impossible  things for me but I dont think so … he just knw how to talk the nice words he just knw this heheheheheheheheheheh u arw really never loved me  im soo funny